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Calculation of the Alternative Minimum Tax – Property Taxes

Similar to state income taxes, for Regular Tax purposes you are allowed a deduction for property taxes that you pay. Under the AMT, however, you are allowed no deduction for property taxes. This problem affects more than 90 percent of all folks stuck in the Alternative Minimum Tax, so it is something that you definitely

Discover 5 Quick Steps to Profiting With Tax Property – The Insider Way

Want to learn the best way to buy the most profitable property? Here’s how to get tax property for $200 or less, outside the auction. 1. Start by avoiding the tax sale. The bidding process ensures that all properties will be sold for close to market value. In addition, this property is sold as-is, and

Do Back Taxes Go With Property Once It’s Sold? How Can I Buy Back Tax Property?

Do back taxes go with property once it’s been sold? The answer is yes, and no. It depends on how it’s sold, and why. If a property has back taxes that the owner can’t pay, and he or she decides to sell, the back taxes go with the property to the new owner. That owner